Thursday, August 17, 2006

Color'd Locs

**This Post is for Maryee. I never forgot that you asked me to post on Color.**

I have always loved color. I was a color wearer before going natural so I had to keep the color once I loc'd. I dyed my hair a week or two before getting Sisterlocked. I started off with Cherrywood (left). This is the color I was wearing before locs. The last color I got was Roasted Chestnut (right). Which toned my hair down a lot, but my ends have always remained lighter. I like the mixture of colors that are going on. The Cherrywood was more of a reddish and now it is more brown than the reddish-brown.
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I waited about a year before coloring again. I retighten my locs first and about a week later, I go for my color. I noticed after coloring with the locs, it took more washing to get a clear rinse. I had a licensed cosmotologist color my hair. This is my former beautician who handled my color, relaxers, short hair cuts, weaves, and even a few press and curls at my attempts at going natural. But there are definitely disparities in her and natural hair care providers. That's a friend and I love her, but once going natural, you just find better products and ways to avoid damaging your hair.

After getting the color, I wash my hair for the next 3-4 days in a row to make sure that I am getting any excess dye that may still be there. The reason behind doing this is because after that first loc'd color session, there was still a lot of dye in my hair. I still do it out of habit now, Just to be safe.

After that first year, I now get my hair dyed every six months. I wash and condition my hair with the Sisterlock Reconstructor afterwards. I haven't had a problem with hardness of my hair. I haven't gotten into the essential oils, but want to try them out. I do have a mixture of oils that I purchased from the Beauty Supply Store. I have Hair Milk from New Bein that I use about once a month or two. I don't use a lot of products (in fear of build-up). But I do use them sometimes.

I have an inch of new growth. I will be due for my color in December or January. I think I will choose a lighter brown next time, maybe with a golden tint. We'll see.....


Maryee said...

Can't wait to read this when I have more energy. I'll holla back soon! Thanks for posting this for me. ((HUGS))

Maryee said...

Hey Ree-C,

I finally read the whole post. Thanks! I think if I can hold off, I'll get my hair colored for my 3 yr anniversary. Hopefully by then I'll have other things in order and it will be a grand celebration. That means I have until Thanksgiving to continue with my research.

As you know, I got my hair colored by a professional colorist two days prior to me getting my Sisterlocks. Of course he's in California, so I don't know who I'm going to get to hook me up. We'll see. I'll probably be asking you some questions off line. Thanks again Ree-C. Your hair is soooo beautiful and you are, too!!


Ree-C said...

Thank You Maryee. Sure, just shoot me an email or something. I'll try my best to answer any questions that you have.

Goodnapps said...

wow. Useful tips for if I ever get the courage to color my locks.

Aundrea said...

Wow! Ree-C! You did your color yourself? That is great! Do you do your own retightenings too? Boy! I aspire to be like you! ;-) I can't wait until I can re-color my hair. I wasn't very happy with mine so I am looking forward to the chance to fix it. Is the Dark & Lovely - Cherrywood the color of your hair in those close ups?

Aundrea said...

Wow!! Ree-C! You did your coloring yourself? You did a great job!! Do you do your own retightenings too? I sure aspire to be like you someday! ;-) I can't wait until I can re-color my hair. I wasn't satisfied with the first attempt prior to being locked. Now, I have to wait.
Is the color you're sporting in those close ups at the top of your blog the Dark & Lovely - Cherrywood?

Ree-C said...

@Aundrea ~ No, I wouldn't do it myself. In my post I stated that I got my hair color'd by a licensed cosmetologist. I do my own retightenings myself though. The last color I got (stated in post) was the D&L Roasted Chestnut. The first loc'd color I had was the Cherrywood Texture&Tones by Clairol.

Thanks for visiting. I'm sure once your locs get settled in, you will be able to color again. Can't wait to see pics of it.

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