Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SL Gathering

(l-r: Tanya, Me, & TNappyKinky)

It was so nice to meet my fellow bloggers. Tanya invited me to her Consultant's (Paulette) Gathering. I had to be there. I've been inquiring for a while about a SL gatherings in Michigan. I look at the pictures of the out of state SL Gathering and wish I was there. I finally got a chance to meet with some beautiful loc'd sistahs. It was such a delight. We really had a good time. Everyone was so friendly. TNappyKinky had me laughing a lot. She has such a great personality. I felt as if I already knew Tanya, she is such a sweetheart. Thanks again for the invite.

DSC00407 Beverly & Rita
(l-r: Kecia, Bev & Deborah) (l-r: Bev & Rita)

DSC00409 (Debbie {permie, my friend & coworker}, Rose {Tanya's mom, Deborah, Atoya, Tanya)

DSC00408 (Sohphia)

tnappyking, Paulette, ? DSC00404
(TNappyKinky, Paulette & Sohphia) (Monica {JoAnn's niece} & Paulette's husband)

DSC00402 DSC00403
I had the pleasure of meeting JoAnn's sister, Celeste (left). On the right is Celeste's daughter Monica. They were so knowledgeable. Celeste has been SL'd for 12 years and Monica 14years. Over the years they both have cut their locs. They both had beautiful locs.


There was the lovely Tanya talking to us all about styling. She did a great job giving us tips and products that have worked for her. She asked for a couple of volunteers to show off the great Brunsli's ties. It just reminded me that it is time for another order.