Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why Did I Cut My Locs??

This sisterlock journey has been such a great journey. I love Sisterlocks! But my hair is still hair. I still have experienced days where I feel lazy and do not feel like styling my locs. The joy of Sisterlocks is that my locs are still beautiful, styled or not.

I hit my 5yr SL anniversary on 1/17/09. I thought back on my journey and realized I had lost that desire to style my locs. I was really getting lazy. I barely wanted to retighten them, let alone style them. The easiest was roller sets with soft spike curlers. But it was time consuming because of the length. My hair was somewhat getting heavy also when wet. Not too heavy, but I definitely starting feeling the difference.

There were also a lot of changes that were going on in my life where I just needed change. I went back and forth for several months before making a decision, because there is no turning back. In February, I decided to make it happen. Even though I didn't have a SL consultant (DIY since 6months SL'd), I knew that the owner of the shop where I was SL'd was also a licensed cosmotologist. I wanted someone licensed to cut my hair. Even when I was relaxed and wore short cuts, I was real particular who cut my hair :0). So I called Everette's Cornrows in Detroit and made an appointment with Sheila (owner).

As soon as I saw her, I was shocked because the last time I saw her, she had almost waist length sisterlocks. She now had shoulder length locks with a beautiful blond on them. Simply beautiful. I now had more of a relaxed feeling. I thought about the last 5yrs and how I had learned so much within that time of my natural self and acceptance. It was now for change and acceptance of that change. Before starting, Sheila asked, do you want to keep your locs?? My first response was yes. As I heard that first clip of the scissors, I felt a joy. As she laid two layers off to the side, I said you know what, I don't want them. It was only hair. Although there was definitely a sentimental feeling associated with my locs. It was only hair. The real feeling was inside at how I found freedom through I was able to accept my natural hair I was able to be me from head to I was able to educate others by just being I was an inspiration to others like my mother who is now I maybe showed others that our black nappy hair is indeed BEAUTIFUL!! I was able to go to work and where my locs in any style and still be professional and look good doing so. My sister is now also 100% natural even though she isn't locked, she has accepted her natural hair. So me keeping a bag of dead hair wasn't needed for me. I had all of this joy that was inside that would always be there.

I have now fallen back in love with playing and styling my locs. I have since found YouTube and the abundance of "How To" Loc Videos and Tutorials on styling. I am approaching my 6yr anniversary being SL'd and am ready for what the next 5yrs will bring. I plan to take the Sisterlock Consultant training next year so I can too help someone transition to such a beautiful lifestyle of natural hair. I also plan to receive a braiding license next year.

So you ask why did I cut my locs....because it's only hair.

Thank you all so much for those who have followed my journey.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Update Pic

Just did a roller set with my spike rollers. I'm still loving my cut. Although I am looking forward to growing my hair long again. I am dying for a color touch up to my roots. Still debating if I want to do it myself or find a cosmotologist that also handles locs in LA. I haven't even looked for anyone to be honest. Dark roots until I figure that out. I'm planning to take the SL Consultant Training next year. Still waiting to see dates for Dallas. Moving again....long story.