Thursday, October 06, 2011

Upcoming Client #1

I am excited to report that I have my first Sisterlocks™ installation on Saturday! Our consultation when quite well and her test locs are doing just fine. She was very candid on her hair history and experiences. She had already made the decision to proceed with locing. She is so excited. It reminded me of my initial consultation and brought such great memories back of when I finally saw the light (I don't need to straighten my hair to have a head full of healthy beautiful hair). I look forward to building relationships with my clients. I will be sure to advise them on best practices for their hair. Not only do I have almost 8 years of experience with my own locs. I continue to education myself on caring for our hair and keeping it healthy!

I have been working on advertising and promoting the Sisterlocks™ business. I have my business cards and website (still working on website).

Have you ever encountered something so good that you wanted to share it with the world? After nearly 8 years, I am still telling everyone how great Sisterlocks™ have been for me. Now that I have the other side of it as a Trainee (soon to be Consultant), I have that much more appreciation for this type of locing technique. There is so much detail and care placed in the locing techniques. I just love it!

I will share pictures upon completion. I'm looking forward to watch how her hair blossoms over time.

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