Monday, August 21, 2006


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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Do you see those speckles in my hair. What is that? I know it isn't dandruff because it isn't really on my scalp. It may be from dry scalp, but I really didn't see much on my scalp. This is right after a wash. I hope this isn't a start to build-up. Any insight?

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You can't really see it if you were looking at me. But of course I tend to examine my locs. They're only on the locs that are near the hairline. What is up with the locs around the hairline? First the "thin-middle-bunch'd" locs and here shows the speckles. I love my locs, just curious if you all experience the same. I asked my loctician about the speckles a while ago and I don't remember what she called it, but it was normal according to her. Any insight?


jaiDalon said...

I can't see the speckles but I definately don't see and dandruff or build-up. It may be your roots. You know, the little white plugs that cover the roots of your hair while they're inside of your scalp? I know that with traditional locks as your hair grows out the strands are plucked from your scalp as the lock forms instead of growing in one long strand that coils up inside of the lock. When the hair is plucked out by gravity, sometimes it still has that white plug on the end of the root. I haven't seen that much in sisterlocks but I can't imagine that it doesn't still happen. Find someone with traditional locks and examine them. You are sure to see htese white plugs. It isn't unhealthy or abnormal so you shouldn't fret over it. Besides, your locks are bangin' and I am jealous.

dewdrop said...

It could be 1 of 2 things: 1) Hair bulbs (where your hair sheds sometimes and you see a white bulb a the root of your strand). OR 2) If you wash your face w/ soap or another product, it could be build up. Other than that, I really think it's just hair bulbs.

Tra said...

I don't have any insight but I love the size of your SL's. Your locks look really healthy to me!

Maryee said...

I have those darn things as well. Jen, too! I hate em' cause they look like some kind a pesky link. I don't have dandruff, and wish I could figure out myself how they manage to show up. And you're right, they are more obvious after a shampoo. Ughh!!

OAN, I'm about to upload some close-up macros soon. Watch out now!!

Maryee :-)

Ree-C said...

@Jaidalon - I never thought about that. I hope you are right. I don't think it is build up either. I don't use many products to have build up and I usually wash my hair weekly. Thanks for the compliment Girl and I will stop tripping.

@DewDrop - Jaidalon suggested the same. You two may be right about the "hair bulbs". I know it can't be from face cleanser & moisturizer. I make it a point to always clip my hair back & out of the way when I wash my face.

@Tra - Thanks Tra, you made me feel better. Ok, I'll stop tripping on the small imperfections.

@Maryee - That makes me feel soooo much better that I'm not the only one. I guess it's normal. I look forward to those close-ups.

KDL said...

I love the close-ups. Your hair is amazingly uniform and beautiful. What you are seeing in your locks are hair follicles. I have the same thing. In fact, that's why I dyed my hair initially.

Take Care

Goodnapps said...

I love the close-ups. I get the hair bulbs too and with my dark hair, can't say I'm happy with them either. But your locks are absolutely gorgeous.

Lyriq said...

Those are great pictures. Your locks are a nice size.

Ree-C said...

*KLWright ~ Thanks. They do tend to disappear after the color.

*Tanya ~ Thanks Tanya.

*Lyriq ~ Thanks Lyriq.

Thanks to you all for the insight and kind words.

Cluizel said...

I have those too! I always feel like I have to wash my hair multiple times because they are really visible after I wash my hair...

Your locks are beautiful!

aquababie said...

everyone already answered, but they're hair follicles. your locs look beautiful :)

QueenLi said...

Wow! Talk about up close and personal... LOL I like the color!
nice, Very NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care~

Chi-chi said...

Your locs are so pretty. I have the hair bulbs too. When our hair sheds we lose them but since they are locked into our hair we keep them ): But your hair is so uniform and pretty. Is there hope for my puffy/frizzy hair? I hope mine turns out like that too.

sisterlockedlondon said...

Ooh, that's what they are. I have them and don't like them. I guess I just have to live with them. My consultant did not know what they were!?!

Lil' Pisces said...

Thats exactly what they are. They are the white tip of your root after its left your scalp. Nothing to worry about but theres not much you can do. Smile!! Your locks are lovely!!

Lil Pisces

The Anthroblogogist said...


The mysterious white "things" are the root or bulb of your hair follicles, of hairs that have fallen out of your scalp. They are apart of having locs as those hairs would just fall out if you had loose hair. Washing the hair will not get rid of them but if you dye your hair you wont have a problem as they take dye easily. I recommend finding a natural dye since most dyes from the store are chocked full of chemicals that could be harmful to your body over time with regular use.

lovely hair by the way.
The Anthroblogogist