Friday, February 03, 2006

Mom's Sisterlocks

I know that the quality is poor. These were taking on my camera phone. My mom is officially sisterlocked. She has a soft texture and it is hard for her hair to hold curls because it is so soft. Her SL consultant rolled her hair with small rods and she didn't finger comb them out. So they look like small Shirley Temple curls. I will have better pictures soon.
That's my little one that she is holding. Have a Wonderful Week!!!


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

How awesome it that? You ar so blessed, I'd be happy if my mother just accepted my locks let alone GET THEM!!

I'm excited for both of you!


Goodnapps said...

Mom definitely gets the 2 thumbs up!

Vee said...

My father has locs and he would love for my mother to lock her hair. I always catch Mom eyeing my hair I know she secretly wants to do it but she's scerred!
Hmmm maybe I need to direct her to your blog!!
CONGRATS to you and your mom!!

Sharon said...

Way to go Mom!!!! Congrats on your decision to join the SLs family!!